Parent Lab: Anxiety and Your Child

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Join us for our first Parent Lab, an informative and empowering seminar designed for parents who are keen on understanding and effectively managing anxiety in themselves and their children. This event is open to parents and grandparents of children in littleKIDS - High School age.

This parent and child event will feature counselors from Christ First Counseling Center in Topeka, KS. In today's fast-paced world, children often encounter various stressors that can contribute to anxiety, and as parents, it's crucial to equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools to support our children's mental well-being. This event will give you the chance to hear from professionals, gain insights from those who deal with anxiety in children, and give you a chance to ask questions.

FEATURED COUNSELORS: Corey Schliep, Ryan Ozias, and Scott Strickland

Light refreshments and childcare are available.
Children and students 4th grade and older are welcome to attend with their parents. Please register for childcare if you have younger children.

REGISTER below by APRIL 23rd.


Event Coordinator Kevin Pragel

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