Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission, Vision, and Values

The mission of Blue Valley is to glorify God by helping people everywhere understand what it means to follow Jesus using the Five Habits of a Jesus Follower.

The vision of Blue Valley is to become a multiplying church that is actively establishing local campuses and planting autonomous churches locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally by 2028.  We will accomplish this by:

Remaining committed to our mission of helping people everywhere understand what it means to follow Jesus using the Five Habits of a Jesus Follower by:
  • Continually incorporating the language and declarations of The Five Habits in our preaching, worship, teaching, and messaging.
  • Teaching people the process of following Jesus using the spiritual disciplines so that our people actively engage Jesus to live their lives as Jesus would live them and personally teach others to do the same. 
Creating a multiplication culture in our church by:
  • Communicating that Jesus expects members of all ages at Blue Valley to commit to using their gifts, talents, education, vocations, and life experiences to share the Gospel of Christ through their personal stories of following Jesus in their neighborhoods, schools, workplaces and around the world.
  • Renewing a focus on the call to vocational ministry, especially co-vocational ministry, and especially among our children and students.
  • Constantly presenting the vision to establish campuses where our people are, and plant churches where our people aren’t.
  • Challenging adults to consider being a part of a new campus launch or a new church plant locally.
  • Challenging adults to consider relocating vocationally to other parts of the nation and world and partnering with church planters in those areas.
Maximizing our sending capacity by:
  • Eliminating current indebtedness in order to devote continually growing resources to multiplication.
  • Building the numerical and financial strength of existing campuses to their maximum potential, which will include creative use of existing facilities (possibly including non-traditional worship times) and possible limited capital projects.
Leveraging existing partnerships to aid us in multiplication, including:
  • KCKBA (Kansas City Kansas Baptist Association)
  • KNCSB (Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists)
  • NAMB (North American Mission Board)
  • IMB (International Mission Board)
  • MBTS (Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)
  • Explore relationships with new partners who can help us in our efforts to become a multiplying church.

12 Core Values:

  1. We value challenging our church family to take personal responsibility for introducing Christ to those in our circle of influence.
  2. We value challenging our church family to take responsibility for their personal discipleship and the discipleship others using the spiritual disciplines.
  3. We value plurality in leadership that facilitates our church’s focus on Christ as the Head of the Church and creates a culture of leadership development.
  4. We value challenging our church family to consider God’s call to co-vocational or full-time vocational ministry and sending those called out to serve God’s kingdom.
  5. We value ministry expansion through multiple campuses and church plants rather than ministry expansion at a single location.
  6. We value expository preaching done in a way that enables our post-Christian culture to hear Christ speaking throughout His Word.
  7. We value worshipping in a way that is inclusive of all generations.
  8. We value building small group community through Sunday School.
  9. We value age-graded ministry that complements the spiritual leadership of parents and that disciples the next generation of Jesus followers.
  10. We value systems and policies that provide support for a complex ministry.
  11. We value a strong understanding of church membership and believe that it carries both responsibility and privilege.
  12. We value engaging the spiritual and physical needs in our church and community through ministries we establish internally and working with local ministry partners externally.

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Multiply 2028 FAQs

What is Multiply 2028?

Multiply 2028 is the name we will use to refer to our vision statement.  The vision of Blue Valley Church is to become a multiplying church that is actively establishing local campuses and planting autonomous churches locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally by 2028.  

What is the Multiply 2028 Campaign?

The Multiply 2028 Campaign is the name we will use to refer to our effort to fund initial Multiply 2028 opportunities in the short term, as well as retire debt in order to fund Multiply 2028 opportunities in the long term.  This will be accomplished by asking our members to make regular sacrificial gifts above their regular offerings.

When will the Multiply 2028 Campaign Begin?

Our original plan was to conduct the campaign in the spring.  However, the pandemic forced us to reschedule. The campaign will now launch publicly on November 8.  We will begin our actual giving to the campaign on November 22. 

What will happen on Sundays during the Multiply 2028 Campaign?

We will use the messages on November 8, 15, and 22 to learn the biblical basis for the Multiply 2028 Campaign and to introduce our initial Multiply 2028 opportunities.

Will I be asked to pledge my financial commitment to the Multiply 2028 Campaign?

While everyone will be asked to prayerfully make a serious private commitment to the Lord, no pledge cards will be collected.

What will happen to gifts made to the Multiply 2028 Campaign?

The first $250,000 given will be split equally between the Multiply 2028 Mission Opportunities Fund and the Multiply 2028 Debt Retirement Fund.  All gifts beyond the first $250,000 will go entirely to the Multiply 2028 Debt Retirement Fund.

How long will the Multiply 2028 Campaign last?

The Multiply 2028 Campaign will conclude once all existing debt is retired.

When will the initial Multiply 2028 mission opportunities be launched?

Some of the smaller Multiply 2028 opportunities have already been launched. However, the largest opportunities will launch once the funds are available and the preparations for those opportunities are complete.

What are the initial Multiply 2028 mission opportunities?

The elders’ plan is for initial opportunities to touch all parts of our vision statement. The elders are actively exploring establishing a Hispanic language mission using our Ridgeview campus on Sunday afternoons, which will have the future option of becoming a campus or an autonomous church. We are also working with NAMB (North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention) to plant an autonomous church plant next year. Both the Hispanic language mission and Overflow Church will be funded in part through NAMB. Internationally, we will partner with Compassion International to plant a church; likely in Central or South America. Finally, we will make funds available from the Multiply 2028 Mission Opportunities Fund to provide partial scholarships to help offset cost for those taking their first international mission trip.

How will we establish the Hispanic mission at Ridgeview?

The elders are currently finalizing plans that will leverage our existing ministry at Rolling Ridge apartments, lay leaders at the Ridgeview campus with a passion for Hispanic ministry, and a potential partnership with a NAMB Hispanic church planter in our area. If these plans are approved, funding will be sought through NAMB and plans will begin to launch the mission sometime in 2021. It is also possible that ongoing financial support will be provided by Blue Valley from Multiply 2028 funds.

How will our partnership with Overflow Church in Martin City work?

NAMB church planter and Overflow pastor, Alan Findley, are getting ready to celebrate their 1 year anniversary of their church launch. In October of 2022, they began meeting weekly in a local K-8 School. In June of 2023, Overflow Church was invited to move their weekly worship gatherings into Central Church’s building as a way to benefit and encourage both congregations. Blue Valley contributes monthly using Multiply 2028 funds to the general budget of Overflow Church.

How will the partnership with Compassion International work?

Compassion will connect us with an established local church partner (of like faith and practice to Blue Valley) that is implementing Compassion’s program and who will serve as a local mentor and guide for the new church staff. Blue Valley then sends a one-time payment (between 77k-80k) to Compassion to provide a facility with a large meeting room, three classrooms, kitchen, restrooms, electricity, and water. Within six months of the church’s opening, a Child Development Program will welcome up to 200 children. Many parents who send their children to the program start participating in other Compassion programs and begin attending church regularly. Blue Valley will have the first opportunity to sponsor these children through Compassion. We will then regularly take trips as a church to minister through the church in the community. Lenexa Baptist has successfully planted a church using this program.

How will the debt be retired?

We will continue to make our regular payments from the budget. All disbursements from the Multiply 2028 Debt Retirement Fund will go directly to pay down the principal.

How long will it take to retire the debt?

The length of time it will take to pay it off is entirely dependent upon how much our church commits to the Multiply 2028 Campaign. We currently owe Stanley Bank approximately $2.175 million. Our budgeted payment is $21,000 a month, of which approximately $11,000 goes to principal. If enough is given to pay it off this year, it will save the church $1,000,000 in interest over the next decade.

How did we acquire our existing debt?

When Pastor Derrick arrived in 2007, Blue Valley held approximately $1,600,000 in debt from the construction on what is now the Antioch Campus (in 2000/01). Approximately $5,500,000 in capital projects (in 2009/10 and 2014/15) have taken place during Pastor Derrick’s tenure. Our current debt is what remains of that $7,100,000 total.

What will we do with the money in our budget for our mortgage payment when the debt is retired?

Freeing up $21,000 a month from our budget would allow us to fund future Multiply 2028 mission opportunities, give more to Southern Baptist Convention causes, budget more for local ministry, and pay for needed repairs and maintenance at both of our campuses.

Does Multiply 2028 mean that we will never incur debt again?

No. However, there are no plans for capital projects at the present time and any project undertaken would need to be in accordance with our vision and limited in scope.

Multiply 2028 Videos

Church Planting Residency

Antioch Campus Pastor, Jonathan Lock provides details on our newly established Church Planting Residency.  Please refer to the residency plan and FAQs - linked below - for additional information.

Residency Plan Residency FAQs

Interview with Paul Loyless from Compassion International

As part of our Multiply 2028 vision, BVC is considering a church plant opportunity with Compassion International.  Listen as Pastor Derrick interviews Paul Loyless and discusses the importance and the logistics of planting a church through Compassion International in South America.