The BIBLE Bible Study

THE BIBLE Bible Study

The Bible is the most studied book in the world and the #1 best-selling book of all time!  It has been translated into 3,589 languages – more than any other book in history.  Those who believe it call it “God’s Word.”  CAN THIS BE THE WORD OF GOD?  It is called infallible, inerrant, inspired, trustworthy, authoritative—God’s Revelation to humankind.  These Sacred Scriptures are to be studied, stored in our hearts, shared, revered, protected, and loved.  But what do we really know about them?  Join us for THE BIBLE Bible Study!  This will be a comprehensive overview of the Bible, Genesis to Revelation, where we’ll explore who wrote it, its  layout, how the Old Testament and New Testament connect, and how we can know it’s trustworthy.  Facilitator, Teri McCarthy, will lead the group to memorize Scriptures, discuss tough passages, and develop skills and tools to study God’s Word effectively.  Weekly homework will include reading, memorization, and journaling.  A course syllabus will be provided on February 15 – study participants will need to bring a Bible.  There is no book cost for this study. Childcare is CLOSED.

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